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About Us

Group Planting a Tree

Our Vision

Divine Planting and Uplifting Tools (Divine P.U.T. Foundation, Inc.) is a foundation that enhances cityscape through plants and visual art. Implementing artistic features and greenery gives community

surroundings life. We provide community events such as Pot Per Property and the Inspire Oneness Mural. Every individual is encouraged to join us regardless of race, gender, class, or age. We believe everyone deserves to feel like they play a part in their community in order to facilitate peaceful environments.

At Divine P.U.T., we value serenity and support oneness. Our locations provide solitude to rupture inspiration and gardening tools for individual use. By partnering with schools, communities, and municipalities, Divine P.U.T. is “putting peace into progress” through community landscape and creative art. As a result, we are raising community vibration to a healthy frequency as a whole.

Our Core Values


We extend peace in a visual and subconscious form by transforming neighborhoods and freeways. Using landscape additions such as flowers, trees, shrubs, and grasses also improves our air quality. Integrating color to light poles, guard rails, and sidewalks is intended to boost moods. Murals and other paintings within the city give character to scenery and present a unique appeal.


With surroundings refined in beauty, the reflection is internal. Complementary to our community upgrades in public space, we offer interior design to educational-art departments/institutions, coffee shops and museums. We build quiet outdoor gardens bordered with tall, dense arborvitaes to filter outside noise and distraction. Some locations use stone enclosures depending on the noise decibels. Outdoor spaces include outlets, benches, and tables. Alongside our outdoor sanctuaries, we typically furnish indoor spaces in case of extreme weather. Indoors there are a variety of chairs/couches, tables, plants, lighting, fountains, flooring, wall designs, and artistic displays. There is a security guard on sites to support users in feeling safe.

Divine PUT also sponsors other non-profits that support artistic pursuits like Inner Quality.

About Our Founders

Our organization’s founders have always been passionate about the arts. They support their quest for knowledge and creative freedom with a product development associates degree from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, California and an Independent Artist Certificate from Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California. Expanding learning even further, associates degree in horticulture, health science, political science, and communications new media from Southern Maine Community College in South Portland Maine also support their mission.


Other skills originate from six years of customer service at Hannaford Bros in Maine and fashion design assisting at multiple businesses in California. Additional background accumulates from volunteering at a community garden (Cultivating Community) and a shelter (Oxford Street) in Portland, Maine. With extensive knowledge and instituted skill, creative energy continues to thrive. To extend this endless energy, Divine P.U.T. was born.

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