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Obviously bodies represent us. Some current options include pregnancy and relationships. To get updates on when more bodies are added, please subscribe to my newsletter.

Persistent Love Pregnancy Body

Price: $211.00  $111

This Persistent Love Pregnancy Body has the dimensions of approximately 4" X 1 & 3/4" X 1 & 3/4" (inches) and weighs 4.7 oz. It contains pure copper, antique copper, aluminum, brass and steel elements along with rose and clear quartz. Pure copper spirals are enveloped on each cheek representing divine journeys. One can represent your connection to your partner and the other, to your child. Also, on the back of this piece, the message "never never give up!" is inscribed. This message can represent trying to become a mother, working on your relationships in general or in parenting all together. The quartz crystal points are found in each breast wrapped in strong, pure-copper wire. They emanate the nurturing energy that will continue to grow your child when it leaves your body. Colors in orgonites add to the power generated. The pink color in this piece represents the unconditional love and patience it takes to be a caregiver. This body even wears copper waist beads! To activate the selenite for cleansing and charging the crystals, lie this body on her back overnight when needed. 


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