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The shape of crystals and gems naturally produce a harmonic frequency that is stable and typically produces rainbow energy. Orgonite crystals emanate an even stronger energy than regular orgonite and crystals on their own. Make a selection below or get creative and send in a request.

Rainbow Chakra Obelisk Tower

This Rainbow Chakra  Obelisk Tower has the dimensions of about 5 & 1/2" X 2" X 1 & 1/2" (inches) and weighs 11oz. It contains copper, brass, gold, aluminum and steel metals along with the following crystals: clear quartz point to amplify, chevron amethyst for intuitive vision, lapis lazuli for communication, malachite for healing, tigers eye for strength and selenite to purify and charge. A gold-plated copper spiral connects all the levels together. The colors represent your basic in-body chakras. Each color has an innate connection to the relating chakra due to a similar shared frequency. This obelisk tower is wonderful for energy plucking in reiki or other subtle energy practices relating to the removal of blockages in each in-body chakra.


Price: $180.00    $111

Creativity Gems

These Creative Gems contain pure copper, brass, aluminum and steel elements along with the following crystals: citrine for creativity, carnelian for grounding, moss agate for channeling, labradorite for trust, selenite to cleanse and charge and most pieces have snowflake obsidian for calming. All crystals have multiple meanings and when working together they can strengthen their shared qualities. Each gem is uniquley made and some have symbols added like stars, money signs, happy faces or other things. To have a specific gem made, you can make a request. Copper coils around the citrine point concentrate and conduct energy. Each coil adds to the intensity of the energy that is generated. They have the dimensions of about 1" X 1 & 1/4" X 1" (inches) and weigh about 0.5oz.

Price: $25

Pocket Gems

Price: $5 - $10

These Pocket Gems contain a pure-copper wrapped quartz crystal point and selenite to keep them cleansed and charged. Each gem is made different and may contain brass, aluminum, steel or antique copper. Colors generate specific energy related to the color. Typically green for healing, yellow for happiness, orange for creativity, pink for love, blue for vision, purple for intuition, red for grounding. Some of these Pocket Gems have additional crystals. The green one have malachite for healing, sand for cleansing and a flower to bloom the new you. Most of the yellow Pocket Gems have tigers eye for strength and confidence; the triangle and the diamond have a spiral to help you learn more about yourself. The multi-colored ones have amethyst for tuning into your intuition and pink one rose quartz for love. Their depths are 1/4",  their lengths and widths range from just over 1/2" to 1" and  their weighs are about 0.1oz.

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