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Symbolically hands represent power. The type of power is offered through the intention of the possessor. Our hands do almost everything for us: prep food, care, create, operate, build and communicate to name a handful. In palmistry each finger represents a different energy and much more! The hand mudras below can be custom ordered on our contact page or enjoy the ones currently in stock! 

Healing Hand

The Healing Hand has the dimensions of 4.5" X 2.25" X 1.5" (inches). It contains a copper-plated copper tacks in its wrist representing fastening pieces/fragments of your spirit and/or soul back together. There is also one pure copper chain inside symbolizing connectedness. Five pure copper wrapped quartz crystal points direct energy through the tips of the fingers. The energetic frequency of this piece is enhanced with malachite for healing and rose quartz for love.  Other materials within include aluminum, brass, steel and selenite.


Price: $65

Creative Hand

The Creative Hand has the dimensions of 4.75" X 2.5" X 2.25" (inches). It contains a pure copper spiral on its middle and ring finger knuckles representing the travel to your creative realm. Additionally, an antique copper key is at the base of the wrist to help unlock creativity further. The pure copper chain enclosed is open symbolizing freedom to express. Other pure copper fasteners appear within to aid in manifestation. Three pure copper wrapped quartz crystal points direct energy through the remaining finger tips. The accompaniment of other gems are listed and concentrate the following attributes: moss agate to increase your confidence in your work and encouragement to promote it; labradorite for connecting with your intuition in order to trust your flow; carnelian to keep you grounded and enhance your life force. This particular construction appears to be missing the added component of selenite; in this case we recommend pairing it with a small charging plate (coming soon). Other metals within include steel and aluminum. 


Price:  $75

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