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Use these orgone necklaces as amulets of portable life force. Depending on where you live, the degree of emf varies. In locations with high human population, the more orgonites the better! Necklaces with ball chains can be custom length. If the length you want is not an option, please send me a message. Wherever your necklace sits, the orgone energy will emit stronger in that area. Wash copper necklace chains with a vinegar/water solution after use so that it stays shiny. If you let it go too long and want to use a chemical-based copper cleaner, you can because these ball chains are 100% pure copper.

Strawberry Peach Copper Droplet 

Misty Inner Traveler

Strawberry Peach Rectangle Half-Heart

Passionate Creativity Chamber

Paw Spirit Connection

Mossy Droplet

Mossy Puzzle Piece

Strawberry Peach Half-Heart (large)

Clear Empowering Pi Shift

Purity Puzzle Piece

Pure Periwinkle Pair

More Coming soon!

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