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Skulls have many representations. I like to think of skulls as a connection to the spirit. Use orgone skulls to help you meditate or as an altar feature. It doesn't matter how you want to implement your orgone skull. Be creative and set your intention.

The Celestial Skull

This Celestial Skull has the blue eyes of lapiz lazuli and directs love from source in a calming manner. It calls upon the cleansing powers of the ocean, expansion within its depths and the lost treasures that can be found there. The 3D dimensions of space this skull physically holds is 4" X 3" X 3.5" (inches). It contains a spiral, a key, circles, gears, skulls, shells  and fastening tools. Symbolism in ogonites enrich the piece with the added benefit of energy related to its meaning. Spirals represent going within, keys: access, circles: connectedness, gears: working together, skulls: wisdom, shells: protection and fastening tools: building. Other crystals included are rose quartz, amethyst, quartz point and selenite to keep them purified and charged. The gold flakes within are 24k gold. Other metals inside include pure copper, steel, brass and aluminum.


Price: $390.00  $290

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