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Sometimes game energy can get tense. Help dissipate negative competitive energy into more fun with orgonite gaming pieces! Since we are just getting started, we have more options on the way, including chess, checkers and divination dice. Stay tuned to find out when we post more products!

Eye-Contact Trust Dominos

These Eye-Contact Trust Dominos either have the opportunity to test your trustworthiness or you can pull them from a hat/under a cloak. They generate the extra energy of fun and creativity. Using a pale orange color, they vibrate at a high frequency and are infused with the power of the second chakra in the third octave. Each domino contains a small, pure-copper-wrapped, clear quartz point in their center. For every "dot" representing the domino number, there are copper-plated steel balls enclosed. Blank domino numbers have an antique copper sword in them to help cut through illusion. Most of the numbered dominos have a piece of rainbow moonstone in them to support intuition and creativity. The rectangular dimensions of each domino is 30/32" X 1 & 26/32" X 10/32" (inches) with an average weight of 0.4 oz. 28 pieces included. Other materials inside include pure copper, steel, brass and aluminum.


Price: $280.00  $180

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